Black Jewel Town in West Sumatra

May 6, 2021

Sawahlunto is an appealing town in West Sumatra, once renowned as the town of the ‘black jewel’ for its bountiful natural resource of coal.

Ombilin Coal Mining of Sawahlunto

Historical records indicate that Sawahlunto discovered the site as exceedingly rich in coal deposits in the early 19th century and launched coal mining in 1888. It became famous worldwide as the Ombilin mines, with many waiting ships ready to transport them to Europe. Now Ombilin Coal Mining of Sawahlunto has been inaugurated as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Currently developing in a city of classical multi-ethnic tourists, Sawahlunto is one of the best old cities in Indonesia. The city is located on a highland part of Bukit Barisan, the mountain range on the western side of Sumatra island. More than a quarter part of the city is a hilly area covered by forest conservatory, and plantations dominate other parts. Many artificial lakes formed from ancient ex-mining excavations, with the most captivating one called Danau Biru, the Blue Lake.

Railway Station Museum

Along the journey to Sawahlunto, we will enjoy the romantic village lanes from Padang International Airport before visiting the ancient Railway Station Museum. Exploring the Kalam tunnel of more than 800 meters with the old railroad underpass used for the transportation of fuel stones in the olden days will be an exciting experience.

The best spot to watch the magnificent scenery of the entire city is Puncak Cemara, where we can see the beautiful sights of towering hills surrounding the town and the antique buildings as a reminiscence of the glory of the mining. A little park built on this viewpoint with a small playground for children and some gazebos where we can find long-tailed monkeys and Macaca fascicularis playing on the top of the roof.

Batu Runciang offers other magnificent views in the Sawahlunto Geopark area. It is showcasing an imposing row of points, limestone rocks, and coral hills. Involving a little rock-climbing skill, the adventurous trek reaching the top of the karst will give us an impressive experience.

The people in the Sawahlunto region have preserved a tradition that goes beyond black jewel history. In addition, they practice the craft of weaving exquisite clothes called Silungkang Songket. And they predominantly use silver and gold threads for weaving them. While in Jewel Town West Sumatra, a city tour of Padang will be delightful. Visit Adityawarman Museum, with a unique collection of historical relics from Minangkabau cultural heritage and nearby race-related traditional ethics.
Grand Mosque is the largest mosque in West Sumatra, with the extraordinary feature of a roof shape that is credited as a contemporary interpretation of Minangkabau traditional vernacular houses.

Black Jewel Stone in West Sumatra, Indonesia

The country is an enchanting world of Black Jewel Stone in West Sumatra, Indonesia! Nestled amidst the region’s lush landscapes and captivating beauty, this precious gemstone holds a captivating allure. You will delve into the mesmerizing characteristics of the Black Jewel Stone and explore its significance in the realm of gemstones. From its origin and formation to its unique properties and cultural significance, join Zitango Travel on this journey to uncover the hidden treasure of West Sumatra.

The Formation of Black Jewel Stone

Black Jewel Stone Sumatra, Indonesia
Black Jewel Stone Sumatra, Indonesia

The Geological Marvel

The Black Jewel Stone is a remarkable geological marvel formed over millions of years. It is a type of igneous rock, specifically basalt, originating from the region’s volcanic activity. In fact, the intense heat and pressure during volcanic eruptions caused the molten lava to solidify rapidly, forming this extraordinary gemstone.

Intricate Crystalline Structures

As the lava cools down within the depths of the Earth, Crystalline structures form in cooling lava, creating Black Jewel Stone. These mesmerizing patterns, often resembling fine lacework or delicate veining, are the hallmark of this precious gem.

Characteristics of Black Jewel Stone

Deep, Mysterious Beauty

One of the most captivating aspects of the Black Jewel Stone is its deep, mysterious beauty. Its dark, ebony hue exudes an aura of elegance and sophistication. When polished, the stone emanates a lustrous shine that adds to its allure. Many people believe that black symbolizes strength, protection, and grounding energy, making it a highly sought-after gemstone for various purposes.

Lustrous Opacity

The Black Jewel Stone possesses a unique characteristic of lustrous opacity. The transparent gemstones are unlikely to allow light to pass through.  The Black Jewel Stone absorbs light, giving it a distinctive velvety appearance. This opacity adds to its mystique, making it a favored choice for jewelry enthusiasts seeking an element of intrigue.

Exceptional Hardness

Another remarkable feature of the Black Jewel Stone is its exceptional hardness. On the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, it ranks high, often surpassing many other gemstones in terms of durability. Durable stone maintains beauty and elegance over time.

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