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The Czech Republic is situated in Central Europe. Wonderful castles and chateaux, world-famous spas, unspoiled countryside, historical cities, and legendary cuisine – which will you choose? The Czech Republic is an important tourist destination. It offers visitors not only a multitude of historical landmarks, but also diverse natural sites: mountains, ponds, caves, and spas with mineral springs. The capital city of Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with an unforgettable atmosphere of a metropolis whose history spans a millennium. Other regions of the country, not just the capital, also offer countless museums, galleries, and landmarks.

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About Czechia
A historical jewel at the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic packs a enormous punch for such a small country; from majestic castles to medieval towns, based spa motels to scenic countrywide parks, it has plenty to offer international visitors. It is also, lest we forget, the birthplace of the world’s nest beer.
At the heart of it all is the culture-crammed capital, Prague. Dubbed the “city of a thousand spires,” it comprises beautiful churches, cobbled lanes and medieval bridges, all watched over via a fairytale castle. Add to that a combine of ancient monuments, ne dining, old breweries, bustling markets and active jazz clubs. There honestly is by no means a dull moment. Yet these who fail to task beyond the metropolis boundaries are missing out. Located just a short pressure from the capital are some extremely good attractions; the hot springs of Karlovy Vary; the large gothic citadel of Karlštejn; the church made of human bones in Kutná Hora; and the metropolis of Plzeň, where pilsner beer was once born. Formerly phase of Czechoslovakia, because the Velvet Divorce of 1993 – when Slovakia and the Czech Republic parted company – the latter has emerged the greater popular with tourists. And to apprehend its attraction one must consider its assets; the wonderful wine-growing place of Monrovia, home to rolling hills, usual meals and the spirited cities of Brno and Olomouc; the snow-capped mountains of Krkonoše; the otherworldly rock formations of Český Ráj; the wild forests of Šumava National Park; and the ancient city of Český Krumlov, a entirely deserving UNESCO World Heritage Site. And yet, for all this, the Czech Republic is some distance extra than the sum of its sights. This is a nation of proud, forthright and friendly people, eager to take a significant role on the European stage. It may additionally solely be a small country – and a relatively new one – however the Czech Republic leaves a huge impression.
Weather, Climate and Geography
Spring is usually cooler, the temperature from early March to late May ranges around 10°C on average. In these months the rainfall/snowfall in the Czech Republic averages about 161 mm. From March to May you can bask in approx. 479 hours of sunshine in the Czech Republic.

The average summer temperature is about 17°C. However, this also includes mountainous areas! In the towns the temperature in June, July and August may reach as high as 35°C. For example on Lysá Mountain in the Beskids there is no summer climate at all – after spring autumn appears straight away. So if you want to cool down, it is a good idea to pop in there for example from sizzling Pálava.

The first of the autumn months is September, which is still relatively warm, so it is referred to as the "Indian summer". Nonetheless, the beginning of October brings more rain and the average daily temperature falls to 10°C. The leaves on trees change color and fall off, a fact described in the Czech name of November, which is “Listopad” meaning “leaf-fall”. In the late autumn the first ground frosts are possible.

Winter in the Czech Republic lasts roughly from December to February. Temperatures in towns may drop as low as -20°C, and in the mountains, they plummet even further. Nevertheless, recent winters have been milder with temperatures slightly below zero – yet still cold enough to enjoy skiing in various places, such the Krkonoše Mountains, cross-country skiing for example in Šumava or just taking a romantic walk through snow-covered Prague.
Required clothing
Wear medium weights, such as denim and heavy wools, a topcoat and sturdy shoes for winter. Lightweights such as cottons, linens and thin wools will be suitable for summer, but remember to bring waterproofs as rain showers are more frequent during this time.
Passport and Visas
There are no visa requirements for US, UK, EU, Australian and Canadian citizens. All visitors (Except for EU citizens) must have a valid passport.

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