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Quito is the highest official capital in the world. The historical center of Quito is one of the largest, least-altered, and best-preserved in the Americas. Together with Kraków, Poland, they were the first World Cultural Heritage Site declared by UNESCO. It is also one of the places with the highest concentration of churches per square kilometer in the world.

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About Galapagos & EcuadorSome information and tips about Galapagos & Ecuador

Did you know?
  • Chocolate in Ecuador is a staple for most. With cacao being grown in South and Central America for years, the history is deep, including cacao being used for anti-inflammatory properties in the past.
  • The summit of Mount Chimborazo, Ecuador’s highest mountain, is the point on Earth closest to the sun.
  • Encebollado is Ecuador’s national dish. The dish is a fish stew (usually tuna, albacore, billfish, or bonito) served with boiled cassava and pickled red onion rings and ripe avocado.
  • The Galápagos Islands lie in Ecuador.
  • Ecuador is in fact the world’s largest exporter of bananas.
  • This is for bird lovers! Ecuador has more birds per square miles than anywhere else in the world making the country bird-watcher’s paradise.
  • The Galapagos Islands house more than 9,000 different species, with many of those species native to the islands.

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