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Cultural Trips to Greece

If your idea of a vacation is cultural, then Greece is your dream destination, without a doubt. Why? The combination of symbolic monuments, art, and philosophy with stunning landscapes and delicious food is certainly ideal for culture and history lovers around the world. If we add to this incredible alliance the Mediterranean sunlight, which makes photographs unique, we have just found the perfect tour!

Here’s a taste of what you may expect to experience in one of our Greece cultural tours:

The Acropolis: the most incredible open-air museum

Acropolis Athens Greece

You will probably feel overwhelmed when you are watching the impressive Parthenon, which you remember from your history books. But it’s just part of the large pedestrian zone that makes up the Acropolis Archaeological Museum, which is certainly an unforgettable journey through the history of western civilization.

Other ancient Greek landmarks: Olympia, Delphi, and beyond

Delphi Ruins Greece

A culture trip to Greece is an immersion into Greek history and culture. The mainland and the islands are dotted with 18 UNESCO World Heritage sites from classical antiquity, Byzantine and Ottoman periods. Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games in ancient Greece, and Delphi, where people from all directions in the ancient world arrived to hear oracles in the Sanctuary of Apollo, are the top ones outside of Athens.

Meteora: the impressive monasteries in the sky

Kalambaka Meteora Greece

Not so well-known as other sites in Greece, this visit to the incredible monasteries from the 11th century hooked to 400 m cliffs, a UNESCO Heritage Site, is a must-see. Besides, the trip which takes you there gives you a chance to see the thrilling colors and landscapes of the Greek countryside, so well depicted by Gerald Durrell in his autobiographical novels.

Traditional Villages, wine-tasting, honey farms, and cheese factories

Wine Tasting Greece

Greece is so much more than archeological sites. Small traditional villages like Vytina and Dimitsana and seven Apokoronas villages will give you a taste of the traditional rural Greek lifestyle.

Food and wine are indispensable elements of Greek culture. Wine tasting in wineries in Santorini and visiting local family farms producing honey or cheese will be delicious experiences that make you feel like Olympian gods.

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