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Guatemala, Heart of the Mayan World, alive, magical, mystical and ancestral. Its history goes back to four thousand years, when the Mayan civilization emerged, whose legacy remains today with the traditions and culture of its people, Guatemala is a country of extraordinary cultural and natural richness and with a privileged geographical location.

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About GuatemalaSome information and tips about Guatemala

Did you know?
  • Guatemala is home to three UNESCO World Heritage sites. The beautiful town of Antigua Guatemala, the ancient Maya archaeological site of Quirigua and Tikal National Park.
  • Guatemala holds the oldest human history record in all Central America.
  • Almost half of the population in Guatemala is indigenous descendant from the Maya civilization
  • Chocolate is originally from Guatemala, so they say! It was used in Mayan culture as early as the sixth century A.D.
  • You could take part in sea-turtle-saving activities in Guatemala.
  • Guatemala has baths that perfectly sit upon a volcanic vent.
  • The process of the instant coffee originated in Guatemala.
  • The national beer of Guatemala is a drink called ‘Gallo’.
  • Guatemala is the birth place of blue denim. Shortly after their invention, the Levis brand began distributing blue jeans around the world.

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