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Latvia’s cultural life bristles with the old and the new, the traditional and modern, the classical and the Avante Garde. Latvians idolize their artists, composers, writers, and performers, and regularly fill stadiums, concert halls, and theatres to enjoy a wide variety of cultural events. Latvia’s capital of Riga is one of the Baltic Sea’s most beautiful and historic cities. Its rich architectural heritage reveals over 800 years of cultural, economic, and political vitality and has earned it recognition as a UNESCO Cultural Heritage site. Riga is also famous for its Jugendstil architecture.

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About LatviaSome information and tips about Latvia

Did you know?
  1. The first Christmas tree was decorated in Latvia.
  2. With almost 300 miles of coast, Latvia has tons of beaches.
  3. Around 54 per cent of Latvia is forest, making it one of Europe’s greenest countries.
  4. Jeans are invented by Jacob Davis in Latvia.
  5. Latvia has one of the fastest internet in the world.
  6. Riga has a Beer Spa.
  7. Latvia’s national sport is ice hockey.
  8. Latvia has almost 20 hours of daylight at midsummer.
  9. You can voluntarily spend the night in prison
  10. Latvians do not use gestures while communicating or make minimal use of it. It can be considered rude to wave a pointed index finger or persistently point at someone.

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