Spain Travel GuideSome information and tips about Spain

One of the main attractions that make thousands of tourists visit Spain every year is certainly the quality of its wonderful, world-famous cuisine. Not only is Mediterranean diet strongly recommended by nutrition experts, but it is also really tasty and varied. From the rugged hills in the North, to the sun-drenched beaches in the South, every Spanish administrative region boasts its own special dishes, and they are all waiting for you to discover them in one of our Spain food tours.

Tapas: a universe of small bites
Tortilla, bravas, jamón, croquetas… all these are synonyms of little pieces of heaven in your mouth. Some of these tapas are common to all regions of Spain, and it would be really difficult to say where you can enjoy the tastiest ham croqueta, or the juiciest tortilla.
Sometimes the dish comes from a specific place, as is the case of gazpacho, typical from Southern Andalucía. Nothing compares to a refreshing glass of gazpacho after a long day exploring Seville’s or Cordoba’s hidden gems under the blazing sun.

Paella and other unforgettable must-try dishes
Paella and tapas are some of Spain’s delicious contributions to the top-rated cuisines of the world, and the right place to taste them in all their splendor is Spain, of course. But there are many other dishes to be savored in world-class restaurants throughout the country. Catalonia and Basque country, for example, are the birthplace of several best chefs in the world, and the quality of their cuisine matches perfectly the dazzling beauty of their landscapes.

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