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Sweden Travel GuideSome information and tips about Sweden

About Sweden

Sweden is in Northern Europe, specifically in the region commonly known as Scandinavia. Sweden surpasses both Germany and the UK in terms of size, but it is not crowded as it has a population of only 9.6 million. Despite a small population, Sweden is one of Europe’s strongest industrial nations. Many global companies have their headquarters here including Volvo, IKEA, H&M and Ericsson.
Sweden has a reputation around the world for being democratic, safe, clean. It also particularly known for possessing beautiful nature and a rich wildlife. If you travel from north to south, you will see deep forests and mountainous terrain as well as farmland and white sandy beaches. In Sweden, the general public have the right to access both public and privately owned land due to a law called Allemansrätten, which roughly translates to “the right to roam”. Being able to stroll around freely is fantastic and gives you a unique opportunity to really experience the wilderness. But don’t worry, contrary to popular belief there are no polar bears in Sweden.
Another common misconception is that all Swedes are tall and blond. The modern Swedish society is in fact multicultural and nearly fifteen percent of the population was born in another country. In the last fifty years, the number of immigrants has steadily increased. These days large communities of people from all parts of the world are living in Sweden.
The official language in Sweden is Swedish, but English is taught as a second language in School and most Swedes speak and understand English well.

Weather, Climate and Geography

Winter and summer temperature differences in Sweden are extreme, but generally the country enjoys a temperate climate, thanks to the Gulf Stream.

Above the Arctic Circle, winter is severe with temperatures going below -22°F, while summer temperatures here, and in the rest of the country, regularly hit +68°F. In the south, winter is generally mild with an average temperature above 0°C/32°F degrees. Sweden’s northerly position has a definite summer advantage in that temperatures are rarely extreme and humidity levels are not high.

Sweden’s regions and their differences in climate. You can divide the country into three regions; central and southern Sweden, the northeast, and the northwest, or far north to describe the weather in Sweden.

In Sweden’s central and southern parts, the winters are short and quite cold, and summer temperatures are like those in southern England, but with a lot more hours of sunshine and daylight.

In the northeast meanwhile the winters are severe, the more so as you travel further north, while the summers can be surprisingly warm. North, the winters are also severe, with snow lying the year-round on elevated areas, and the summers are short and changeable. And because Sweden lies at a high latitude much of the country has very long hours of daylight in summer and very long nights in winter.

So, no Polar bears we’re afraid, just the wonderful Swedish weather and all the fantastic things you can do in it.

Required clothing

For winter, you need thick layers, as wind chill can prove particularly problematic. During the summer, lighter clothing is all you need. Shorts or jeans and a t-shirt is standard attire, with a light jacket or sweater for the evenings. We recommend wearing waterproof clothing year-round.

Did you know?

  • There is a hotel made up of ice. Ice Hotel is located in the village of Jukkasjärvi. It is among the top 10 most beautiful hotels in Europe and an excellent tourist attraction.
  • Electrolux, Ericsson, H&M, IKEA, Saab, Scania and Volvo are just some of the famous Swedish names in global business.
  • There are about 300,000 – 400,000 moose roaming freely in the woods.
  • Environmental consciousness runs deep in Swedish culture. That’s why Sweden is one of the cleanest countries on the planet.
  • Södermalm is one of the coolest neighbourhoods in the Swedish capital, Stockholm. The hipster heaven was listed as one of the “15 Coolest Neighborhoods in the World” by Vogue Magazine.
  • Sweden is a land of Midnight sun and Northern Lights.
  • Sweden’s The Sarek National Park was established in 1909. It’s Europe’s first national park.
  • The rivers of Sweden are sources of hydroelectric power.
  • Sweden is exceptionally good at recycling that they even import other countries’ waste.
  • Approximately 15% of Sweden lies within the Arctic Circle.

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