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Wine Regions of Turkey

Turkey is home to a rich wine culture that dates back nearly 7,000 years. Its wine regions span across the country. From the plains of Cappadocia to the sunny Aegean coast, Turkey’s diverse terrain and different climate across the country enable a range of unique grapes to be grown, which produce wines with various flavors.


Aegean Region Wine Store, Turkey

The Aegean region is home to some of the most beautiful and productive vineyards in the country. With nearly half of all of the country’s winemakers calling this area home, it is clear that the region boasts conditions that are perfect for wine production. In the west, the Aegean coast benefits from proximity to the sea. It has a Mediterranean climate, while farther inland, altitudes reach up to 2,500 feet in a more continental climate. The result is that the region produces a wide variety of wines, from light and refreshing whites to full-bodied reds.
Wine tours in the Aegean region offer delicious, high-quality, award-winning wines; peaceful vineyard walks; top-notch wineries in small, boutique establishments; and gourmet restaurants presenting unique tastes. Notable indigenous grapes are Bornova Misketi, Sultaniye, and Boğazkere.


Vinery in the Marmara Region, Turkey

The Marmara region is located in northwestern Turkey. Its varied climate across its coastal and inland areas with cooler winters allows producers to make a wide range of wines, from bright whites to rich reds. Boutique wine producers are located in four main areas: Kırklareli, Tekirdağ, Şarköy, and Gelibolu. Besides the foreign varieties grown here, notable local varieties include Papazkarası, Kalecik Karası, and Adakarası.


Cappadocia Wine Panoramic, Turkey

Located in the heart of Turkey’s Anatolia region, Cappadocia is famous for its lunar-like landscapes and centuries-old winemaking tradition. This region owes its famous vineyards to its unique soil blended with natural volcanic tuff. This unique soil gives a rich, full taste to local grapes such as Öküzgözü, Kalecik Karası, Boğazkere, Narince, and Emir, as well as to the foreign ones grown here, and strong and complex flavor profiles to wines produced. Wine tours in Cappadocia offer a wonderful combination of high-quality wine tasting at boutique wineries and visiting one of Turkey’s most famous UNESCO Heritage Sites.


Okuzgozu Wines East Turkey

This region boasts some of the country’s best red wine grapes. Best Öküzgözü grapes are grown in the high altitude plateaus of the Elazig region. Boğazkere grows on the dry soil of the Diyarbakir area between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers. Both varieties, as well as their combinations, produce some of the best wines in Turkey.

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