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Vienna & Austria Travel GuideSome information and tips about Vienna & Austria

About Austria

Austria is one of the most famous excursion locations in Europe, attracting vacationers not only in summer season and iciness – which in the mountain regions is almost as busy a season as summer – but additionally in the in-between seasons. Visitors are drawn mainly from neighboring Germany, as for them there is no language problem. It is the scenic beauties to be discovered in all the Alpine republic’s provinces which are the foremost motive for inducing large numbers of tourists to spend their vacation trips in Austria year after year. But, in addition, Vienna (Wien), the historic capital, and the beautiful metropolis of Salzburg, birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, are amongst the most popular traveler sights the country has to offer.
Austria is located in the south-east of Central Europe. It is predominantly a us of a of upland areas and excessive mountains – the Eastern Alps occupying a right 60 per cent of the country’s territory. The River Danube flows for about 350km/217 miles from west to east via the northern part of Austria. With an area of 83,855,376 sq. miles Austria is one of the smallest countries in Europe.
Austria has a cool temperate climate of an Alpine character, constant with its position on the south-eastern edges of Central Europe and its mountainous terrain. Towards the east the climate takes on increasingly continental characteristics.

Required clothing

European clothes according to season. Alpine wear for mountain resorts.

Weather, Climate and Geography

Austria is in a temperate climatic zone with a Central European climate influenced by the Atlantic climate. The four seasons all have typical temperatures and climatic characters.
Due to the topographical diversity of Austria and the relatively large West-East expanse, there are three differentiating climatic regions:
• East: Pannonian climate with a continental influence – low precipitation, hot summers, but only moderately cold winters.
• Alpine Regions: Alpine climate – high precipitation (except inner alpine valley regions such as the Upper Inntal), short summers, long winters.
• Remainder of the Country: Transient climate influenced by the Atlantic (in the West) and a continental influence in the South-East.

Did you know?

  • Most of Austria is high altitude country and it is a paradise for those who love ski vacation.
  • World’s famous composer names like Mozart, Franz Liszt, Strauss, Joseph Haydn and Franz Schubert were all from Austria.
  • Austria has no coastline, which means it’s entirely landlocked.
  • Almost 20% of Austria’s population is foreign-born.
  • Austria is a leader in renewable energy. Around 80% of the country’s electricity comes from renewable sources.
  • At 2,860 carats, the world’s largest emerald is on display in Vienna, at the Imperial Treasury.
  • With 30 million tourists per year, Austria is the 3rd highest per capita income from tourism in the EU.
  • Well known for its Alps, Austria boasts 13 peaks which are in excess of 3,000 meters and 34 peaks which exceed 2,000 meters.
  • Started in 803, the Haslauer is the world’s oldest inn and restaurant still in operation. It also holds the title of the oldest company in Europe.
  • The waltz was born in Austria. Specifically in the 17th-century suburbs of Vienna.

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